Your Islam is in troble when...

~ The last thing you learnt about Islam, the Quran, or Jihad was from CNN

~ All your conversations with your friends have to do with guys/girls, or movies, or guys/girls in movies

~ You spend more nights at the club during Ramadan than at a Masjid

~ You can't remember the last time you asked someone a question about something you didn't understand in Islam

~ You find time to watch three movies a week but find yourself too busy to pray/solat regularly

~ That Quran translation you were given last 'Eid is still sitting on the top shelf of your bookrack

~ The 'inner voice' you hear when you are in complete silence sounds surprisingly similar to the latest hip-hop song you heard

~ You don't know any people who you can say Salaams to without feeling embarrassed

~ The feeling that God is watching you in all that you do is never more than a passing thought

~ You are available to receive phone calls at 2 a.m but not available to wake up for midnight solat

~ Knowing something is right or wrong and feeling guilty about it does not effect whether you actually do it or not

~ When you want something in your life you fantasize about it and say "I wish!" instead of "I pray!"

~ You can't figure out why you are never truly happy deep in your heart and why nothing good in your life ever seems to last (why does it always have to end?)

~ You don't think of the Prophet at least once a day

~ When you hear of Muslims dying somewhere in the world, you consider it part of 'politics' which you have nothing to do with

~ Your 'best friend' is a person of the opposite gender yet not your husband or wife

~ When your faults are pointed out to you, you reply "This is who I am, for better or for worse!"

~ You friends never object to any of your bad habits or behaviours and vice versa

~ You don't care whether you go to heaven or hell since no one can really be sure about these things

~ To you, Islam is just another 'organized institutionalized religion'

~ You generally feel crappy and often find yourself telling people that you consider and justify your sins as 'a part of who I am'

~ You want to travel around the world someday but Makkah is not one of your planned stops

~ You read the horoscopes yet have never performed Solat Istikharah

~ You have never felt like falling down on your face and crying to Allah

~ You look down upon people who are more practicing than yourself as 'just mullahs and ustaz/ustazah'

~ Your past bad experiences with some Muslims prevent you from getting closer to Islam and other Muslims

:: and I realize how trouble I am actually -.-

Ganbarimashio, Elise-chan!

Ganbatte Kudasai!

Assalamualaikum wbt,,

Dah lama tak menconteng kat blog ni, baca blog kengkawan, spend masa lama-lama depan laptop menghadap blog. Sebabnya tak sempat nak menulis walaupun idea banyak. Bukan la takde masa free cuma most of my free time spent with family. Almaklum la kerja cuti 1 hari je dalam seminggu. Since I'm officially jobless now on last 2 days, banyak la masa free..weeeeeeee ^^

Sejak buat kerja RTM (rehat, tido, makan) ni, banyak la soalan-soalan macam hujan lebat turun mencurah-curah. 

kenapa quit the job?
eh, sekarang ni susah tau nak dapat keje!
keje je la dulu sementara nak grad. tahan la sket cabaran tu..
tak boring ke kalau duk rumah je?

And bermacam bentuk ayat la yang gedebuk gedebukkk tumbuk aku, haha! Well, we don't know the things kalau bukan kita yang kena/berada kat tempat orang tu. So, watch your mouth peeps sebab bercakap lagi senang dari nak buat.

Walau apa pun ujian, pengalaman dan pengajaran yang aku dapat akan aku guna untuk masa depan especially yang melibatkan bila dapat majikan C*** yang suka ambil kesempatan kat M*****. A lesson for me. Sorry, I didn't mean to sentuh sensitiviti mana-mana pihak, cuma jadikan sebagai peringatan lain kali.

So, for the time being aku nak fokus dulu on biz yang baru aku nak ceburi ni. Cari duit. Dah tak kerja pun takkan duit top up pun nak mintak dengan mak ayah jugak kan? Mula-mula start the biz walaupun cuma kecik sangat-sangatttt, aku dah dapat rasa cabarannya. Susah jugak ye! =D

What ever the path I choose to be in, I just keep praying may Allah ease the way of my journey. Have faith! InsyaaAllah... =D